parts2clean 2023:
Hall 10 Booth A41

On September 26th to 28th, 2023 we will meet in Stuttgart…

Smallest and lightest CO2 blasting machine of the world

The CO2 snow blasting machine SJ-5 can be operated with a compressed air consumption of maximum 250 l/min at 6 bar.

The new CO2 Nozzle Array!

The CO2 Nozzle Array NA-XII-5 with a cleaning width of 200 mm was mainly developed for the pretreatment of plastic components in paint shops.

PaintExpo 2022: Hall 3 Booth 3640

From April 26th to 29th, 2022 we will see each other in Karlsruhe…

Automated Blasting Systems

Automated CO2 snow blasting systems are engineered and manufactured according to customer requirements. The machines can operate either continuously or in cycles. We offer supply systems for compressed air and liquid CO2…

Manual Blasting Machines

Blasting machines SJ-10 and SJ-25 are well tested series machines. The standard package comprises of a complete CO2 cleaning machine ready for immediate use. Providing the highest efficiency…


CryoSnow GmbH offers industrial cleaning and blasting machines for removing surface impurities in a dry, solvent-free and environmentally friendly manner. 

This is possible due to the innovative use of liquid CO2 and compressed air.

We supply customers around the world with high quality CO2 snow and dry ice blasting equipment together with a wide selection of accessories. 


CO2 snow blasting can be used for dry, residue-free and gentle surface cleaning for a variety of materials. Particles and film contaminants can be removed in high quality.


Plastic and metal parts are pretreated with CO2 snow before painting, gluing and coating. The application can be done both manually and fully automated in production lines.


Burr and flitter removal on plastics is an alternative especially after machining and injection molding. A mechanical and thermal surface change does not take place.


The CO2 snow jet with the -78 °C cold dry ice particles offers a number of possible fields of application for cooling. Integration in machining centers and test benches is possible.