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New - Small - Revolutionary

CO2 Snow Blasting Machine SJ-10 RackCryoSnow's CO2 snow blasting machine SJ-10 opens up new fields of application. The minimal use of CO2 and compressed air increases the flexibility for implementation in production and maintenance. The small, manageable blasting pistol weighs only 600g.

CO2 Snow Blasting Machine SJ-10 RackThe compressed air is supplied via the existing quick connector so that a blasting pressure of 4 to 6 bar and a compressed air supply of approx. 1 m3/min can be applied. The amount of CO2 used depends on the nozzle used, the setting parameters and the application and lies between 0.1 to 0.3 kg/min liquid CO2.

As with other applications, dry ice is not required in either pellet or block form as the dry ice particles are produced within the blasting machine. A standard dip tube single bottle with carbon dioxide (CO2) is connected to the machine. Several hours of cleaning can be carried out with a single bottle (content 37.5 kg). It is also possible to use dip tube bottle bundles with a content of up to 450 kg.

CryoSnow offers a wide selection of round and flat nozzles, angled adapters, extensions and other accessories for the JP-10 blasting pistol. One of the main application areas is the cleaning of tools and moulds on difficult-to-reach machines. The most widely used nozzle for such applications is the flat nozzle FN-10-12x3 with a 45° nozzle adapter EAN-10-45. CO2 snow blasting offers a wide range of application possibilities especially for the cleaning of textured, structured and polished surfaces.

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