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CO2 cleaning equipment. A clean solution.

CO2 cleaning equipmentCryoSnow GmbH offers industrial cleaning and blasting machines for removing surface impurities in a dry, solvent-free and environmentally friendly manner. This is possible due to the innovative use of liquid CO2 and compressed air.

We supply customers around the world with high quality CO2 snow and dry ice blasting equipment together with a wide selection of accessories.



  • Worldwide Application

    world mapIn the meantime CryoSnow cleaning and blasting machines are not only used in Europe but also in North America, South America, Asia and Australia. Only liquid CO2 and compressed air supplies are necessary for cleaning with CO2 snow blasting. more …

  • New - Small - Revolutionary

    CO2 Snow Blasting Machine SJ-10 RackCryoSnow's CO2 snow blasting machine SJ-10 opens up new fields of application. The minimal use of CO2 and compressed air increases the flexibility for implementation in production and maintenance. The small, manageable blasting pistol weighs only 600g. more …

  • OTTI Expert Conference, 13./14.05.2009, Neu-Ulm / GER

    OTTI Expert Conference Cleaning and PretreatingAt the second expert conference "Cleaning and Pretreating before Painting" of the East Bavarian Technology Transfer Institute (OTTI / Ostbayerisches Technologie-Transfer Institut e.V.), CryoSnow, together with the Linde AG, will present a lecture on "CO2 Snow Blasting as an Alternative to Powerwash". more …

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